Monday, November 9, 2009

Miss Teen NC Int. Asking for your prayers and help for Austin....

November 8th at 12:00p.m the line was out he door with people wanting the be the match and be able to help save Austin life with bone marrow that he needed. The bone marrow started at 1:oop.m till 5:00 p.m . It really shows shows how much people really care when someone is in need.

Austin is a 19 year old young man who is once again fighting Leukemia he has fought this battle and won twice before so please pray for a 3rd miracle.

This young man is a great friend to Miss Teen North Carolina INT 2009, Christina Roach, and Brother Derek. "We are asking for prayers for him and his family at this hard time." says Christina. Derek Roach said " death is a hard thing to see coming, so if we act now with the millions of prayers, death with NOT have a chance!!!"

There are Team Austin T-Shirts for sale for $15.00 in all sizes and all money goes to the family to help with bills.

tax deductible donation are being taken for Austin and his family for med. bills.
if anyone would like to give e-mail at
This is one of the big fundraiser for 2009

Any questions 336-870-0142 Tanya and she is over Team Austin

More information to come about Dec 12th event
Mrs North Carolina Int 2009 and Miss Teen North Carolina Int 2009
will be appearing and meeting and greeting with others to raise money and support for Austin and his family.