Sunday, October 11, 2009

Making Strides During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As I get to the amphitheater at South park in Charlotte NC, I was amazed to see how many people were already there at 7:00am to get ready to walk the 3.1 one mile walk.

We headed to our tent, Edifice Extreme Team, and started talking with many survivors. The crowd keep coming and was amazing how many people were walking for this cause and all the survivors that were there. Thanks to American Cancer Society for making this a great day for hundreds of survivors and the people that came out to walk for this cause. I joined this team to walk as my Aunt is a two time survivor once for 8 years and now for three years.
As we finished the walk and cheered everyone on, it was so emotional to see these blessed women to tell their survivor testimonials and find out that the Edifice Extreme team had raised over $19,000.00 and a total for the cause was $265.00! What a great day!
Thank you to all the volunteers and the supporters who walked and made this day happen. Of course, thanks to my awesome mom who is always there with me to support what I do.-

Austin Bytnar
2009 NC Inspiration Award Winner