Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dream Girl Update-Make A Wish

Make A Wish
Cold Stone Ice Cream social to Fundraiser
Customers received a 3oz ice cream as they made donations.
I helped with giving the ice cream samples and spoke with all the people that came out to support Make a Wish Foundation. The Manger of the Cold Stone at Birkdale Village in Huntersville, NC was Niki, and she was supportive as well as her staff. They had set a goal of $250.00. We had surpassed that gold by 7:00pm and keep it going.
All the volunteers got to meet and talk with the wish family about there wish child, Katerina, who's wish was to go to Disney World. Their family got to speak about there experience and how wonderful Make a Wish Foundation was for everything they do.
Thank you to everyone that came out and supported Make a Wish Foundation. Each time I volunteer with Make a Wish Foundation it is such a humbling experience and realize how blessed I am.

Austin Bytnar received the Inspiration award at the NC International Pageant in February 09 Read more about her at the NC International Pageant web site.