Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mrs North Carolina "American Red Cross Blood and Bone Marrow Drive"

The NC Sickle Cell Foundation hosted a Bone Marrow testing and blood drive as a collaborative effort to help those in need like Sicke Cell patients. This event was specifically geared towards finding a bone marrow match for a 19 year old student at North Carolina Central University. Mrs. North Carolina International was one of the first to give blood was also tested to see if she was a match to be the first bone marrow donor for the recipient. This was her first time donating blood and for her first time, she deemed it very important because she carries the trait for sickle cell and the blood disease runs in her family genes.

The drive took place Sept. 15-17th on the campus of NCCU in Durham North Carolina. Over 500 students came out to give blood to help make this event successful! Mrs. North Carolina urges all who can to go to their local American Red Cross or blood bank to give blood and help save lives no matter what the cause. Thanks all of the volunteers and participants who helped make this drive possible!