Thursday, August 20, 2009


Whats this new thing Called Sponsor-SPLURGES you ask????

A New Monthly Contestant Splurge Extravaganza!!!

Each month, our sponsors, are offering the coolest stuff for YOU, when you send in your application to compete with your $25.00 application fee! Sponsor Splurges is a Monthly Carnival of great things from our sponsors just for you..... for deciding to compete 2010! You will most definitely WANT to send in your applications for the month of September! Already over $200.00 worth of gifts and discounts you wont want to miss!! Once September is over -so is our Unique Sponsor Splurge THAT month!!! Keep your eyes peeled September 1st for the unveiling of the first Sponsor-SPLURGE!

Sponsor SPLURGES----ONLY at Carolina International Pageants!

Each new applicant beginning Sept. 1st is eligible for Sponsor SPLURGES, one time, the month the application is received by mail along with the $25.00 application fee to hold the local title name.