Saturday, July 25, 2009


I am thrilled tonight that Our Miss and Teen did so well! Congrats to Julie Tesh, Our Miss North Carolina International on making "top 10!"

Copied from the Pageant Cast.... you MUST go to for a FULL story and update of todays events!!

The first award of the night was the Online Voting Awards. For Miss Teen: Victoria Goldberg, Miss Teen Virginia International. For Miss: Julie Tesh, Miss North Carolina International.

The Miss Teen International results were:
4th Runner Up: Kristyn Baker, Miss Teen Arkansas International
3rd Runner Up: Elise Ellisen, Miss Teen California International
2nd Runner Up: Megan McNab, Miss Teen Alabama International
1st Runner Up: Jessica Scheu, Miss Teen Minnesota International
Miss Teen International 2009: Jessica Byington, Miss Teen Ohio International

The Miss International results were:
4th Runner Up: Berkley Schmidt, Miss Maine International
3rd Runner Up: Ashley Gilder, Miss Alabama International
2nd Runner Up: Celeste Alexander, Miss South International
1st Runner Up: Maddy Thoele, Miss Minnesota International
Miss International 2009: Erin Golden, Miss Southeast International

Congratulations to all these lovely and accomplished young women!