Sunday, May 31, 2009

Keeping up with Mrs. North Carolina International

Mrs. North Carolina and JobLink partners with the Cameron Village Public Library to conduct a Three-Day Workshop series for Job Seekers. On Day one the Classes included Writing a Winning Resume, Job Hunting in the Triangle, Overcoming Obstacles in the Job Search.

Day two proved to be very informative and hands on. Mrs. North Carolina presented the aspects of Dressing For Success and Overcoming Obstacles in the Job Search. She detailed in her workshop the knowledge on how to make a great first impression by paying attention to appearance and the total package. She also discussed strategies for dealing with obstacles during the job search including rethinking what represents an obstacle. She opened the floor up for discussion regarding positive and productive ways to maximize opportunities while job searching.

In today's economic disparities, not only are jobs scarce but the quality of jobs available are not as promising as they once were. Mrs. North Carolina is one who promotes career development and provides tools that encourage and empower women to thrive in work and life.

Studies show that by the year 2010, women are expected to control 60% of the country's wealth. With this in mind Mrs. North Carolina wants to make her mark in helping women superceed that expectation.