Thursday, August 14, 2008

Miss Teen North Carolina International appointed MAKE-A-WISH 2008 Ambassador

As the new Make-A-Wish ambassador, I am frequently in and out of the chapter in North Carolina. The stories these wish kids share are truly amazing. I’m often left with the chills, asking the children to tell me more stories about their journey. Many kids wish to travel to Disney World to meet Mickey, or the Princesses, but the unique wishes are my favorite. Children are amazing, and the imagination they posses are magnificent. Wishes have been granted from creating a personalized salad dressing, to designing a new hot wheels car. The possibilities are endless. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is always looking for new faces, and new volunteers to join=2 0the organization. Getting involved is very simple- can locate your local chapter- and lending a helping hand is as easy as donating books, frequent flyer miles, phone cards or suit cases. Some companies or businesses sponsor wishes, these are the true wish granters. Whether you’re giving your time or treasures, the smile granted on a wish kid is the memory that lasts forever.As my year of reign continues, I will be busy supporting my platform and meeting children whose stories will impact me for a lifetime. I urge you; share the power of a wish.